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Ghosthunting Terms

A disembodied spirit visible to human beings.

Cold Spot

A place that is cooler than the surrounding area. It is thought by some to be an indication of a supernatural presence drawing energy from its environment in order to manifest.


An entity that has never lived as a human being on the earthly plane, generally evil in nature.


A filmy, quasi-solid substance that supposedly issues from the bodies of mediums while they are in trance states. Ectoplasm may issue from the mouth, the nostrils, the eyes, the ears, the navel, or the nipples. In photographs, ectoplasm resembles muslin fabric soaked in water.


Spirits which govern the four corners of the earth and are associated with four basic elements: a)Sylphs- east air b)Salamanders- south fire c)Undines- west water d)Gnomes- north earth


Someone particularly sensitive to psyhic feelings of his/her surroundings.


Electronic voice phenomena. Audio devices may record disembodied voices and other supernatural sounds that are inaudible to the human ear without mechanical intervention.


Ritual expulsion of invading spiritual or demonic entities from a person or dwelling. The term was brought into the common vernacular by the 1973 movie The Exorcist.

Floating Orbs

A spherical image, usually a translucent white though sometimes a reddish or bluish hue, and which inexplicably registers on film or videotape. Its presence is thought by some to be an indicator of supernatural activity.


The soul or spirit of a dead person, reflecting the appearance of his or her living body but less substantial. Ghost may exist in a state of semi-awareness or be completely cognizant of their living observers.

Ghost Hunter/Investigator

A person who attempt to gather evidence of ghosts or other paranormal activity. This may be accomplished by means of still photography, video, audio, EMF recordings, EVPs recordings, or other media.

Golden Rod

A rare anomaly seen in video recorded at the site of a suspected haunting appearing as bright white or yellowish lines in the room.


The manifestation of a ghostly presence attached to a specific person or location.

Inhuman Entity

A demon or other spirit intent on causing harm to living beings. Also known as a negative entity.

Intelligent Haunting

A supernatural entity that is aware of its surroundings and/or observers and is capable of interaction with them.


The procedure through which a ghost appears. Materialization can be sudden or gradual, resulting in an entity that is indistinct or seemingly quite solid.


The natural tendency of the human mind to add details to sensory input (perceived through the visual, auditory, olfactory, or tactile senses) so as to create a familiar or easily understood pattern. In effect, matrixing is mentally "filling in the blanks".

Ouija Board

A wooden board preprinted with letters, numbers, and words used by mediums to receive supernatural communications. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a Toy!!


The realm of occurrences and phenomena removed from those to which people are exposed in everyday experience.

Phantom Smell

Any scent through which a supernatural entity is attempting to express itself. Typically, phantom smells are reminiscent of flowers, cigarettes, or perfume, but they don't come from any identifiable source.


A ghost that manifests its presence through noises, rappings, the moving of objects, and the creation of disorder. The relocation of furniture is an indication of poltergeist activity.

Residual Haunting

A scene from the past that continues to be played out over and over again, like a recording, with the witness of the phenomenon essentially peering into a former era. The ghostly participants in these time displacements often seem unaware of their living observers.


A medium or clairvoyant. A sensitive can see or feel people, objects, and events in the realm of the paranormal.


An anomaly that sometimes shows in still photographs taken at the site of a suspected haunting, appearing as a translucent white tube or funnel-shaped mass. Some researchers believe vortices may be portals to the spirit realm.