Shadow Chasers of Middle Tennessee
The Thomas House, Red Boiling Springs, Tn

Photo Taken by Chris Proctor at the Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs TN, Look in the mirror and you will see figures sitting at the table, but not present in the dining area

Closer look in the mirror

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)

Listen in the background you will hear what sounds like labored breathing followed by speaking in a foreign language, immediately you will hear our investigator say "i'm so cold i can't feel anything"

You will Hear investigator Nate Dingman say "this is Nate, Remember me from out on the Porch" afterwards you will hear "yes I do"

You will hear a female voice say what sounds like "han" twice in what appears to be a brittish Accent

Listen Closely in the background you will hear a little girls voice saying "hey mommy"

You will hear a female voice in the background

You will hear an investigator ask " will you come talk to us?" then a whisper saying "no"

A video that was taken. Watch the doorway carefully.